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EAS security tags RF 8.2 MHz

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EAS security tags for RF systems 8.2 MHz are most popular in various shops worlwide. Each RF 8.2MHz system can use our tags and equipment, which is available from stock to very favourable wholesale prices.
For example, the following manufacturers and brands are using 8.2 MHz systems:
-         Meto Checkpoint
-         Novatec
-         Scanmarketing
-         HighScan
-         Euroscanline
For your choice, you will find detailed information for the following tags in our range:
-         EAS tags RF 8.2 MHz
-         EAS soft tags RF 8.2 MHz
-         EAS security labels 8.2 MHz
-         EAS security tags for eyeglasses RF 8.2 MHz für Sonnengläser und Brillen
-         EAS security tags for bottles RF 8.2 MHz
-         EAS safer for CDs and DVDs RF 8.2 MHz
-         Multi alarm tags  RF 8.2 MHz
-         EAS ink tags RF 8.2 MHz
Should you have any questions to this article, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will be glad to answer your inquiries.
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EAS Security tag RF 8.2 MHz - T001EAS Security tag RF 8.2 MHz - T002EAS Security tag RF 8.2 MHz - T016EAS Security tag RF 8.2 MHz - T022

Soft tags S001 RF 8.2 MHzEAS Security tag - for bottles - B001EAS Security tag - for glasses - T015EAS Security tag - for glasses - T044

EAS Security tag for DVDs and CDsEAS security for boxes - Multigrip - Multialarm T136EAS security for boxes - Multigrip - Multialarm T136Security labels RF 8.2 MHz - ET44

EAS Security tag RF 8.2 MHz - I001



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