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Computer supported perforating machine

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Computer supported perforating machine

Our perforating machine Compustar is a very versatile perforating machine to perforate any number or letter combination. The machine is fed in via a connectable PC or directly via a supplied keyboard. The adjustment of the wheels can also be effected through a barcode-reader or similar devices.
Each of the perforating wheels is driven by its own servo-motor integrated in the wheels-unit and contains 39 different characters, The letters A-Z, figures 1-9 (zero = O), a blank position as well as 3 further characters of your choice. Before each perforation, the adjusted number and letter combination can be read on an alphanumeric display.
The alignment of the perforation can be effected either to the lift- or the the right hand side. With an automatic numbering function, all or only even or only uneven figures can be adjusted.
With the Compustar perforating machine, you will receive a very powerful all-in-one machine for your perforating applications.
Various character sizes and additional options make this machine even more versatile. The perforation is released automatically by a paper-sensor, a push-button or a foot switch. The insertion depth is limited to 42 mm. Up to 20 perforations can be done in one minute.
The capacity depends on the number of wheels, for 10 wheels, up to 18 sheets can be perforated in one operation.
Technical data:
Standard character size: 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm, 7.0 mm, 8.5 mm, 10.0 mm
Capacity: up to 25 sheets
Insertion depth: 42 mm
Weight: 55 kg
Motor: 230 V / 50 Hz
Additional options:
         Up to 16 digits
         Automatic release
         Foot switch
         RS232 – connection for PC
         Alphanumeric keyboard included
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PC-controlled perforating machine Compustar PC-controlled perforating machine Compustar

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