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Dot marking machines

Dot marking machine PRYOR


Dot marking technology is a most flexible and time saving method of marking various components. Dot marking is also called peen marking, stylus pin marking or micro-percussion marking. This technique intends a series of dots into materials to from human readable alphanumeric identification, logos and 2D data matrix codes.
The Marktronic system is well known in various industries where a high quality of marks must be reached. These machines work extremely reliable due to its robust construction.
The marking depth can reach 1 mm in mild steel, 1.5 mm in aluminium on flat or uneven surfaces. These machines are available either electrically or pneumatically powered.
These machines are easy to operate and need only a minimum of maintenance. Due to large scale production and therefore decreasing prices, this technology is already used for numerous applications in the industrial production process. The software of the machines is easy to handle, even newcomers are able to reach high-quality markings within shortest period.
Dot marking machines – advantages
         High flexibility
         Easy to use
         Quick installation
         User-friendly service
         Software based on Windows software
         Extensive accessories
         Huge number of marking options
         High marking speed
         Electromagnetically driven, compressed air necessary
         Pneumatically driven marking machines for even more power
Dot marking machines – applications
Nowadays, dot marking already conquered many areas of industrial marking. The high flexibility of these machines combined with time saving marking and a top cost/performance ratio make these machines to a very popular marking tool.
With this machine, multiline layouts can be marked on both flat and conical workpieces easily. A lot of information can be marked in one single operation. You can use different character sizes and fonts in one layout, special logos can also be marked without expensive custom made dies. Serial numbers and date marking is just another option within the standard spectrum of marking opportunities.
One important application is the marking of name plates or identification plates. Once a layout is created and stored, only the relevant data must be modified for the specific name plate. All other details like the position of the marking and the size of the character will be taken from the initial layout. Serial numbers, date marking and other options are available for all dot marking machines without surcharge in the basic package.
Typical applications are:
         Programmeable marking
         Component identification
         Component traceability
         Serial numbering
         Logo marking
         Security marking
         Health & safety appliance marking
         Certification marking
         Trophy and award marking
         Time and date marking
         Batch and shift coding
         Part numbering
         Calibration systems
         Label and tag marking
         Direct part marking
         Steel stock marking
         Cast and forge marking
Dot marking machines – Availability
Basically there are three different kinds of dot marking machines available. The choice of your dot marking machine depends on various factors like the size of marking area, the workpiece you would like to mark and the way how the marking process should be effected.
To each machine you will find very detailed information on our web site by clicking the single machine.
Here is a short overview concerning the single variations:
Bench mounted dot marking machines:
With a bench mounted dot marking machines, flat workpieces and even conical components can be marked. The marking head itself is fastened on a robust column. Each workpiece must be loaded and unloaded manually to the working table. The Z-axis of the machine is adjusted to the component to be marked. A wide range of options simplify the fixture and the marking of the component.
This machine is typically used for marking name plates, identification plates, small work pieces and many more. This size of the plate or component may vary, the maximum size which can be marked is 300×150 mm.
Each dot marking machine can either be programmed with a familiar PC windows interface or manually with a controller.
Portable dot marking machines:
Portable dot marking machines have a patented aluminium marking head protected in a tough polymer case. With this portable marking head, you do not have to transport heavy items to the marking machine (like with the bench mounted dot marking machine). In this case, the marking head with only 2.3 kgs is transported to the workpiece for on-site marking.
Integrator dot marking units:
Marktronic integrator dot marking units can be installed in assembly lines and customized production lines for the 24/7 usage.
A lot of communication options are available for various applications. Integrator dot marking units can be powered electromagnetically or pneumatically.


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