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Dot marking unit Indot

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Dot marking unit Indot


The Marktronic 3000 Integrator range are fully programmable dot marking machines which can be integrated into any existing industrial/commercial application.

The compact design has been created with ease of use in mind. High functionality embedded software or PC Windows option ensures operator training is minimized and production efficiency is maximized. The multilingual interface allows users to choose between different character fonts and type sizes as well as angular and arc marking, serial numbers, date and time marking.
The lead screw driven marking head guarantees dot precision second to none, making the dot marking Integrator range capable of meeting the rigorous demands of 2D Data Matrix Code marking.
The Integrtaor range is electrically actuated requiring no compressed air supply. Therefore, these dot marking machines are significantly quieter than pneumatically operated dot peen systems. The programmable force feature provides accurate marking depth control.
With this machine, you can easily mark all engineering materials, plastics and steel up to 62 HRc. The precision ball screw driven marking head guarantees dot precision unmatched on other systems.
The Indot dot marking unit comes with a controller 3000. However, in connection with a PC system, a huge number of operation modes are possible. A connection with a PC or a network is simply possible over the RS232 connection as well as through a TCP/IP port.
The dot marking units “InDot” are available with four different marking areas. Also the variation as compressed air powered engraving unity (InScribe) with which the text is shown as a continuous line is possible.
Standard applications of the PortaDot 100-75 are:
         2D Data matrix marking
         Steel stock marking
         Chassis marking
         Cast and forge marking
         Programmable marking
         Component identification
         Component traceability
         Serial numbering
         Time and date marking
         Batch and shift coding
         Part numbering
Dot marking machine "Indot“– Marking area and layouts
The dot marking machine of the series “InDot” can be supplied with four different marking areas. The standard sizes are 50×25 mm, 60×60 mm, 150×150 mm as well as 130×40 mm.
Serial numbers, time and date, logos and graphics can be integrated easily. Up to 1.350 layouts can be stored in the Controller 3000.
With the trial run feature, you can rapidly check the layouts before the part is marked. Each single line within the layout can be marked while the machine outlines the marking position on the part itself.
The “Indot” dot marking machine is supplied either as a stand-alone marking machine (with which controller 3000) or with a Windows-based software.
Dot marking machine PortaDot – controller 3000
The separate 3000 controller protects electronics from shock loading of mechanical marking operation. This controller comes with a durable integrated membrane keyboard and LCD linked function keys. The very large graphical display is embedded also in the controller.
The menu system software is very simple to use and offers a trial run feature. Advanced features like serial numbering, passwords, arc marking, time/date and logo marking are easy to integrate in your layouts. Various communication options and I/O are available. A wide range of options make this dot marking machine even more flexible.
Dot marking machine Indot – technical details
– Marking area:            50×25, 60×60, 150×150 and 130×40 mm
– Character size:           0.18 – 49.9 mm (in 0.18 mm of steps)
– Standard fonts:          5×7, 7×9, Varidot, TTF writings
– Memory:                   up to 1350 layouts
– Weight:                     Controller: 10 kg
– Power supply:           220 V, 50 hertz
– Windows software: optional
– Air pressure connection possibly
Dot marking machine Indot – additional options
– Windows software
– Module TCP/IP Ethernet
– Compact electric Z axis with AutoSense
– Pneumatic approach axis
– Digital approach axis
– Custom designed fixtures on request
– Footswitch start pedal
– Replacement stylus
– Pneumatic depth mark
– Remote Start/Stop box
Advanced features of the MarkMaster Advanced are:
– Support of all TTF fonts
– Database connectivity for marking data queries
– Database connectivity for duplicate data checking
– Security password features
– Data logging for marking report generation
Dot marking machine Indot – technical drawing
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Dot marking unit INDOT Dot marking unit INDOT - Technical drawing Controller 3000 for dot marking unit INDOT Dot marking machine Indot - Marking result

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