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Percussion presses

Percussion press – Marking press – Pneumatic percussion press – Marking unit for conveyor belts and – Integrator marking units for production lines

For many marking processes, a press is needed for economic indent marking. We offer a wie range of hand operated and powered percussion presses. Designed with the operator in mind, these presses are easy to operate with high productivity yet low initial costs.

Our hand operated percussion presses are easy and safe to operate. These presses can be used anywhere in the factory, guarding is not legally required in most countries. Our percussion presses are easy and save to operate, service and maintain.

 Marking is achieved by compressing and releasing a spring loaded ram using either the hand lever or pneumatic air cylinder. The spring compression (and therefore marking load) can be easily and quickly adjusted.  At the end of the lever travel the spring is automatically released and the marking operation performed.
Our percussion presses are available in 4 variations:
         manual percussion press
         pneumatic powered percussion press
         pneumatic powered integrator press
         special marking press
Maximum daylight is adjustable without the need for tools, which allows for a variety of different shaped components to be accommodated quickly and easily. An enormous range of accessories, such as steel types, type holders, engraved dies and numbering heads can be used with our percussion presses.
Our pneumatic powered integrator presses is suitable for fitting into automated production lines and machines. These presses are designed to provide maximum power in the smallest space.

Percussion press – Marking press – Our range 
 Percussion presses – advantages
         Pre-clamping action of the press prevents material deformation
         Maximum sensitivity and accuracy
         Consistent depth of mark
         Exact pressure setting from 0 kN up to the maximum
         Easy accessibility for different sizes
         High production rates
         Enormous range of accessories
         Low price – suitable for small and middle production series
         Can also be used for riveting, bending, forming and other non-marking operations
Percussion presses – applications
Our percussion presses can be used anywhere in the factory for numerous marking processes and tasks. Our presses are very easy and safe to operate, no guarding is necessary in most countries.
Some examples are:
         Marking of type plates or inventory plates
         Stamping of machine parts
         Marking with high loads
         Marking of components in assembly lines
         Manual stamping of large, heavy or bulky components
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