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Pneumatic percussion press MB15V

Pneumatic percussion press MB15V


Our pneumatic powered percussion press mod. MB 15V is our smallest marking press in this range.
With a maximum load of 600 kg, this marking press is suitable for simple marking tasks. Standard applications are marking of plastics, marking of packaging (especially in the pharmaceutical industry the stamping of drug boxes) and more. The pneumatic powered version of this marking press can easily perform marking tasks in large industrial scales.

Marking is achieved by compressing and releasing a spring load ram using the hand lever or compressed air only. At the end of the lever travel the spring is automatically released and the marking operation performed. The spring compression – and therefore the marking load – can be easily and quickly adjusted from 0 to maximum load. Once the spring compression is adjusted, you will reach a consistent depth of marks. Due to the pre-clamping action of the press, material deformation can be prevented easily.

Maximum daylight is adjustable without the need for tools, which allows for a variety of different shaped components to be accommodated quickly and easily. An enormous range of accessories (steel types, machine holders, numbering heads) makes this press even more flexible.
Percussion press mod. MB15V – Technical data
Marking load:               600 kg (3 kN)
Daylight:                                   0 – 175 mms
Net weight:                               14.5 kg
Shank – diameter:                    8 mms
Shank – length             32 mms
T-nut (DIN 650):                     6 mms
Overall stroke:                         22 mms
Pre-travel:                                8 mms
Useable stroke:                        0 – 14 mms
Air pressure (max. .)                10 bar
Air consumption per stroke:     0.18 dm ³ (4 bar)
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