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Roller marking machines

Roller marking machines


Roll marking has several advantages over press marking in that it is possible with the appropriate tooling to mark both flat and round work pieces with the same machine.

You can mark cylindrical surfaces on a flat anvil fixture as well as on a twin roll fixture. Marking of thin walled tubular components is also possible with roller marking machines. Also flat work pieces can be marked with a roller die held and controlled in a geared roll carrier, where the work piece remains stationary.
Further advantages are related to the fact then when roll marking is used only a small amount of the inscription is in contact with the piece being marked. This means that the minimum marking load is required which in turn means less operator effort when using the marking press and less distortion of the piece being marked.
Roller marking machines can mark round work pieces with different diameters.
According to diameter and application, different machines, either manually or electrically powered are available.
Roller marking machines – advantages
         Marking of round and flat workpieces
         Standard marking tools (machine holders, steel types, numbering heads)
         Inexpensive marking of pipes and round work pieces
         Less distortion due to minimum marking loads
Roller marking machines – applications
Roller marking machines are usually used to mark cylindrical workpieces. The workpiece can either be fixed on a twin roll fixture, where the workpiece rotates about its own axis. Other machines mark cylindrical surfaces on a flat anvil fixtures. Tubular components can be marked with a machine supported on a needle bearing mandrel. In this case, the workpiece remains stationary.
These machines are used for the following applications:
         Marking of tubes and pipes
         Marking of round workpieces
         Marking of hard materials (also flat components)
Roller marking machines – availability
Various roller marking machines stand for your choice, depending on the marking purpose.
You will find more information to the following marking machines in our assortment:
         Roller marking machine MB41M
         Electric roller marking machine MB41E
         Roller marking machine MB71M
         Electric roller marking machine MB71E
         Elektro/pneumatic roller marking machine MB71EP
         Horizontal roller marking machine MB76E
         Special roller marking machine MB76S
The following marking tools can be used with our roller marking machines:
         Machine holder
         Steel types
         Numbering heads
         Custom made die stamps
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