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Heafy-duty punching machine SFP-II

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Heavy duty punch SPC SFP-II

Our heavy duty punch SPC SFP-II is a most professional heavy duty punch for highest quality requirements. 4 holes can be punched in only one operation in a stack of paper with up to 300 sheets. In one operation.
The distance between the holes is 80 mm, so the documents, reports, architect plan or other stacks of paper can be filed in a standard folder easily.
Our SPC SFP-II comes with 8 mm hole punches off-the-shelf. Other diameter are also available on demand and may be between 3.0 and 8.0 mm.
Technical details:
Dimensions: 37 x 44 x 20 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Hole punch: 4 Pcs. / 6 mm of diameter
Hole distance: 80 mm
Our heavy duty 4-hole punching machine SFP II is often used in:
         Lawyer office
         Accounting departments
         Print shops
         Advertising agency
         Copy shop
         Paper craft shops
         Public administration
         Insurance company
         And many more
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4 hole heavy duty punch SFP-II 4 hole heavy duty punch SFP-II

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