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Heavy-duty punching machine Duo 35

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Heavy duty punch Duo 35

The heavy duty punch SPC Duo 35 is a state-of-the-art punching machine for paper stacks with a maximum of 350-400 sheets. The Duo-35 is very fast and easy to use even with a minimum of power. It pearces two holes up to 3.5 cm deep and provides the possibility to bind the stacks with rivets.
A special mechanism automatically centers the stack of paper for precise punching. Even a 4hole punching is possible with this heavy duty punch, however in two operations.
With the additional possibility to bind the stacks with rivets, the Duo-35 is most suited for documents, arhives, reports and presentations, which are intended to be stored in a folder for a longer period. The rivet prevents single sheets to be pulled out and makes the filing in your folder even more convenient.
Technical data:
Capacity: 35 mm (approx. 350 – 400 sheets)
Hole diameter: 6 mm
Size: 245 x 380 x 210 mm
Net weight: 5.48 kg
Basic equipment:
Hole punch: 2 Pcs.
Plastic dies: 4 Pcs.
Spanner: 1 Pcs.
Rivet opener: 1 Pcs.
Various rivet + washers
Our heavy duty punch DUO 35 is often used in:
         Lawyer office
         Tax consultant office
         Building contractor
         Advertising agency
         Copy shop
         Public management
         Public administration
         Insurance company
         And many more
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