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Heavy-duty punching machine Filepecker I/X

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Heavy duty punch Filepecker I/X – SPC

The Filepecker I/X is a single hole punching machine with a maximum capacity of 300 sheets per operation.
The hole punch can be removed easily, various different hole diameters between 3.0 and 8.0 can be punched with this machine. The back margin can be adjusted between 6 and 30 mm.
This heavy duty punching machine comes complete with a moving table. Adjustable pitch stops make it possible to punch more than one hole in the stack of paper with pre-defined distances between the single holes. So you can easily make 2hole or 4hole punches for your folders.
Technical data:
Dimensions: 450 x 315 x 210 mms
Maximum capacity: 300 sheets
Hole diameter: 3.0 – 8.0 mm
Maximum paper size: 365 mm length
Insertion depth: 6.0 – 30. 0 mms (adjustable)
Pitch stop: 1-5
Our heavy duty punching machine Filepecker I/X is often used in:
         Lawyer office
         Accounting departments
         Print shops
         Advertising agency
         Copy shop
         Paper craft shops
         Public administration
         Insurance company
         And many more
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Heavy duty punch Filepecker I/X

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