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Flexible Bottle Sealing Wax - Shiny Brilliant

Bottle Sealing Wax

Flexible Bottle Sealing Wax – Shiny Brilliant

High quality bottle dipping sealing wax for wine, liquors, whiskey, gin, beer, rum bottles in shiny finish


Bottle sealing wax is very popular for wineries and similar application. With this sealing wax you can add a unique look to your botlted product. Our bottle sealing waxes adhere to natural, synthetic or one-by-one corks. You can use our bottle sealing wax for wine, beer, syrup, perfume, whiskey and almost any other bottles. The wax can be applied as a wax seal or embossed with a logo or image. If you order more then 10 kg you can create custom colored wax to match your brand colors best.


The shiny finish makes the appearance of your product even more unique and premium. Our sealing wax is flexible and does not crumble when opened.


Product details

Bottle Sealing Wax Red
  • Flexible Wax
  • Shiny finish
  • Does not break or crumble when opened
  • Available in many colours
  • Packed in bars of approx 1 kg


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Available colours

Bottle Sealing Wax White



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