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Stamping system TELOS - details

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Industrial stamping system TELOS – Rubber stamps with profile – Interchangeable rubber stamp set

TELOS rubber stamps can be supplied in various styles. Usually, our TELOS rubber stamps are available in baselock sets. Three sets are available off-the-shelf containing different single types matched to typical industrial requirements. Beside the sets, single types and logotypes can be supplied separately in any quantity.
Baselock Logotypes or blocktypes can be supplied to your very requirements. Combinations of letters or figures can be moulded as one piece for constantly used legends. Any special design or trademark can be produced from supplied artwork giving you to possibility to customize the imprint to your needs.
Baselock rubber types are available as follows:
         Single baselock characters
         Baselock rubber type sets A-Z
         Baselock rubber type sets a-z
         Baselock rubber type sets 0-9
         Baselock set A
         Baselock set B
         Baselock set C
Baselock type set:
Three pre-manufactured baselock type sets are available to meet most industrial requirements. More information on baselock type sets are available on our sub-site “TELOS baselock type set”.
Baselock logotype “IPPC”
Special baselock logotypes for IPPC stamping is also available to your requirements. The IPPC logotype is usually used to mark wooden articles like pallets, wooden packaging and many more.
These logotypes can be used either with a standard hand stamp or in a hand roller for even more convenient marking. In addition, various stamping inks are available to meet your marking requirements.
Beside the stamp marking, also branding irons or stencil marking as possible. More information to these articles are available on the corresponding sub-sites.
TELOS types – Rubber quality
TELOS baselock rubber stamps are available in two standardized material thicknesses and three different rubber qualities. The material thickness may be 5 mm (standard thickness) or 7 mm for special applications. Please note, that both thicknesses cannot be used for one imprint.
Regarding the rubber quality, three different qualities are available. The standard quality which comes as a grey rubber, is for standard applications. Another quality is the oil- and acid resistant quality. This quality is used when the stamping ink contains oil components or the material stamped has an oil film on the surface. The third quality is a oil resistant hard rubber which is also used for oil-containing components.
TELOS Baseplate
Each baselock rubber type needs a corresponding baseplate to be fitted in. This TELOS baseplate is available in any size up to a maximum of 600×250 mm. The baseplate is easily mounted on the stamp holder, which can be a standard hand stamp, cradle stamp, roller stamp, or drum-type.
Three different baseplate qualities are available
– Normal rubber (red)
– Oil-steady and acid-steady rubber (brown)
– Oil-steady party-hard rubber (black)
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TELOS - Rubber stamp - Assortments TELOS - Rubber stamp with baselock plate and wooden handle TELOS - Rubber stamp with baselock plate and wooden handle TELOS - Rubber stamp with baselock plate and wooden handle TELOS - Rubber stamp - Single stamps TELOS - Rubber stamp - Assortment Wooden handle with TELOS baselock plate Hand roller stamp with TELOS baselock plate TELOS Stamp type

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