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Staples for Electric Stapler and Office

Staples for electric stapler and office


Staples for Electric Stapler and Office

Large selection of staples for Rapid electric stapler and office applications


Staples for electric stapler and office are very standard staples. These stapler are very favourable and are sold in large quantities. Especially for Rapid electric stapler we offer two very high quality staples which are primary used for light packaging applications like assembling a header on a plastic bag.


Staples for electric stapler and office – Our products

Staple Type G Dimensions Staple Type SG Dimensions Staple Type Q Dimensions
Staple Type 24 Staple Type 44 Staple Type 26
Staple Type 90 Dimensions Staple Type 92 Dimensions Staple Type 97 Dimensions
Staple Type 66 Staple Type Rapid 5050 Staple Type Rapid 5080
Staple Type Bostitch S1 - MF14 Dimensions Staple Type Bostitch S2 - TW-16 Dimensions  


Staple Type Juwel Staple Type Juwelette


Office staples – Advantages

  • Huge choice of various staples
  • Different materials
  • Staples of several manufacturers
  • Neutral packaging
  • Favorable wholesale prices
  • Precise manufacturing
  • Large stock


Office staples – Applications

Our staples are suitable for the most different construction applicaitons. For many years we are glad to supply customers in the following industries:

  • Rapid electric stapler
  • Stapling and fastening of documents
  • Light packaging applications



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Staple Rapid 5050


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