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Plastic T-Pins

Plastic T-Pins Titac

Plastic T-Pins

Plastic T-Pins for wood, sawmills, timber yards, furniture and joinery


Plastic T-Pins are special pins for the wood-working industry. This pin is made of plastic and does not destroy the sawing blades or tools and are most popular for labelling wood and logs.


Our plastic pns are available in 2 different lengths from 9 to 12 mm. The material is hard Polymer which makes the staples suitable for almost any kind of wood.


Plastic staples – Product details

Plastic T-Pins Titac
  • Wire strength: 1.1 x 1.2 mm
  • Material: Polymer – hard
  • Article numbers:
    • Titac TU-T9 – 9 mm leg length
    • Titac TU-T12 – 12 mm leg length


Order Plastic T-Pins online

Order plastic Titac T-Pins online


Tacking guns for plastic staples:

  • Titac T-27
  • Titac T-37
  • Titac TX-28
  • Titac TX-38
  • Regur T-37



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Plastic T-Pins Titac Plastic staples Titac


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