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Staple 33

Staple 33

Our textile staple 33 is an extra-fine wire staple for textiles and fibers. This staple is designed to fasten labels on various fibers and to damage the material as little as possible.Our textile staple 33 can be used in our stapling plier 33 and its pneumatically operated model 33/L.
Details staple 33:
Crown widht: 10.7 mm
Inside width: 10.0 mm
Wire strength: 0.3 mm
Wire width: 0.4 mm
Leg lengths: 6 mm, 8 mm
1 box = 20000 staples
1 Wholesale packaging = 50 boxes (1.000.000 staples)
Materials available:
         Iron galvanised
         High-grade steel
         Other finishings: on inquiry
Article numbers staple 33:
         E 71560 staple 33/6 galvanised
         E 71579 staple 33/8 galvanised
         Other finishings: on inquiry
Which stapler fits to the staple 33?

Stapling plier No. 33
Stapling plier No. 33 l
TEX 33
TEX 33 L
Stapler Sitex
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Textil staples - Thin-wire staples Nr. 33 Textil staples - Thin-wire staples Nr. 33

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