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Staples for the industry

Staples for the industry

 Especially for industrial application, our range comprises a lot of different staples for most stapling pliers and stapler in the market.

 Industrial staples – Advantages
         Huge choice of various staples
         Different materials
         Staples of several manufacturers
         Neutral packaging
         Favorable wholesale prices
         Precise manufacturing
         Large stock
Industrial staples – Our range
A lot of different staples are available for your requirements, please check out the single staples below:
         Staple 53
         Staple 73
         Staple 140 – staple 11
         Staple 37 – staple 13
         Staple SeCo A
         Staple SeCo B
         Staple ELJIF
         Staple Elju
         Staple 80
         Staple 90
         Staple 50
         Staple G / KG
         Staple Q
         Staple Holzher 3430
         Other staples: See staples according to the manufacturers
You find detailed information about leg length, material strength, stapling machines, packaging units and materials available by clicking on the individual staple.

Industrial staples – Applications
Our staples are suitable for the most different industrial applicaitons. For many years we are glad to supply customers in the following industries:
         Construction industry
         Furniture industry
         Packaging industry, palette manufacturer
         Food and food packaging industry
         Car industry
         Textile industry
         Chemical cleanings
         DIY stores
We would be glad to act as your supplier for these products as well and are looking forward to receiving your inquiries!
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Industrial staples - Round wire staples Industrial staples - Round wire staples Industrial staples - Flat wire staples Staples for carton stapler

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