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Top stapler Robox BA

Top stapler Robox BA

The pneumatic top stapler RoBox BA is a professional and highly competitive top stapler for secure closing of corrugated fiberboard boxes and cartons.
With this top stapler, both carton staples JK-560 (B, 35 mm crown width) and JK-561 (A, 32 mm crown width) can be used for your fastening applications. The air operated carton stapler work virtually effortless and eliuminate operator fatigue. Our pneumatic stapler allows rapid and efficient work. The required air pressure for our Robox BA is 6 bar.
The body itself is made out of a special aluminium for high durability.
The Robox BA has an adjustable clinch control so that you have full control of the depth penetration. According to your requirements, the following clinch depths are adjustable:
Fixed stapling:
Loose stapling:
Complete stapling:
Blind stapling:
Carton staple A 5/8” + A 3/4“ (561/15 + 561/18)
Carton staple B 5/8” + B 3/4" (560/15 + 560/18)
Capacity: 100 staples
Weight: 1500 g
Air pressure: 6 bar
Top stapler Robox BA – Applications
         corrugated fiberboard lids
         corrugated boxes, corrugated cartons
         carton boxes and carton lids
         cardboard boxes
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