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FASCO pneumatic tacker

Pneumatic tacker Fasco – Pneumatic fastening machines Fasco



FASCO offers a huge range of different pneumatic staplers. For any application, you can find a suitable fastening tool.


The ergonomic handle (non-slip handle) reduces vibrations and fatigue, the bottom loading magazine protects internal parts and guarantees long durability. Spare parts are available and can be mounted easily.


Pneumatic stapler – light fastening tools




Pneuamtic stapler Fasco F1B

Favourable, light weight pneumatic staple, a perfect tool for small and medium applications.

Available version:

  • F1B (standard)
  • F1B LN: with long nose
  • F1B AUT: with automatic stapling mechanism
  • F1B DM: with double magazine

Pneumatic stapler Fasco F2B

Semiprofessional pneumatic stapler 90 and brands GN. Also available as dual stapler for both, staples and brads.


Pneumatic stapler Fasco F21P

Versatile,s emi professional fastening tool for various staples. Also available for glazing strips.

Versatile, semi professional fastening tool. Also available for glazing strips.


Medium pneumatic stapler 

Pneumatic stapler Fasco F26AT

Powerful pneumatic tool especially for narrow crown staples. Available for staples 92 and 90.

Pneumatic stapler Fasco F3C

Professional pneumatic stapler for various staples available. Solid construction for rough applications indoor and outdoor.


Heavy pneumatic stapler 

Pneumatic stapler FASCO F45

Very heavy pneumatic stapler for strong and heavy staples. Professional tool, especially for pallet manufacturers and the packaging industry. 


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Price: for your inquiry concerning prices to our pneumatic stapler, please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly. 



Catalog download:
Download "Catalog pneumatic stapler"            

Catalog download:
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