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Hammer tacker Nr. 54

Hammertacker 54

Our hammer tacker REGUR 54 is a very strong and reliable hammer tacker. It has an ergonomical grip and is a convenient rear staple loader.
This tacker uses staples 11 and 140, these flat wire staples are used for insulation and roofing materials as well as for any foil applications. The Regur 14 can take full length staple strips and uses staples with a leg length of 8 to 14 mm.
Staples: 140/8 + 140/10 + 140/12 + 140/14
Staples: 11/8 + 11/10 + 11/12 + 11/14
         Insulation foil
         Roofing materials
         Plastic sheeting
         Fixation of labels
         And many more
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