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Manual tacker Rapid 23

Manual tacker Rapid 23

Our manual stapling gun Rapid R23 is almost a professional tacker for various applications in the home but also suitable for light and medium craft work. It is a durable tacker for fine wire staples and suitable for securing thin materials such as fabric, paper and labels and other tasks that need only short staples, using fine wire staples Nr. 13 with 4 – 8 mm leg length.
Our tacker is made of steel for recoilless and comfortable work. With this tacker you already buy a semi-professional tacker for your hobby applications.
Staples: 13/4 + 13/6 + 13/8
Weight: 530 g
With this tacker, semi-professional applications can be performed:
         Stapling labels
         Roofing sheets
         Room panels
         Ceiling panels
         Parquet floor
         Repair seats
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Manual stapling gun Rapid R23 Manual stapling gun Rapid R23 Manual stapling gun Rapid R23 Manual stapling gun Rapid R23 Hand stapling gun Rapid R23 - For staples Nr. 13

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