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Manual tacker Rapid hobby

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Manual tacker Rapid hobby

Our stapling gun Rapid R13 is an ergonomic light tool for fine wire staples. It is ideal for re-upholstering and decorative work as well as other simple tasks around your home.
It is fast and simple to load, the low angle handle allows comfortable actuation. A perfect and inexpensive tacker for simple works.
This tacker is designed to use fine wire staples Nr. 13 with a leg length of 4-10 mm.
Staples: 13/4, 13/6, 13/8, 13/10
Packaging: Blister or cardboard box
Due to the construction, stapling guns in this category are used only for hobby, decoration and maximum light craft work. Typical application are:
         Picture frame
         House decoration
         Pet cage
         Seat cushion
         Fabric wall-hangings
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