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About Margreiter Technik

In 1884, Anton Margreiter founded the company only a few years after the technology of vulcanisation of kautschuk was invented. This company was specialized in the production of rubber stamps.In 1938 Hans Hilscher inherited the company from his mother. In that time, the company had 5 employees. After World War II the company started to grow steadily. In its peek, the company employed more than 80 employees.

In addition to the core business rubber stamps and engraved plates, the range was enlarged to offer a complete range of marking products.

Hans Hilscher Margreiter Technik

Hans Hilscher
(Owner 1938-1997)

This range included marking stamps, stamping inks and stamping systems, sealing articles, staples are staplers. This range has been modified and updated frequently to offer our customers articles of “the best available technology”.To offer a better support, all marking articles were transferred to a new company which was founded in 2001.

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Ing. Hanns Hilscher Margreiter Technik

Ing. Hanns Hilscher
(Owner 1997-2000)


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