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Eyelets and eyeleting machine

Eyeleter – Eyeleting plier – Eyeleter BATES – Eyeleting machine

Eyeleting pliers and eyeleting machines are used to permanently fix documents or documents with a photo. Beside this application, eyelets are also used for reinforcing banners or foils. Another important application is in the textile and shoe industry.
A wide variety of different products are available, please find the complete product range below:
Eyeleting plier and eyeleting machines

Eyeleting plier EP-30

The eyeleting plier EP-30 is a small plier and can fix up to 30 pieces of paper. This plier is also a hole punch plier to insert the eyelets most comfortable.

Eyeleting machine BATES
Our automatic eyeleter BATES is a favourable but powerful eyeleting machine. This eyeleter is best for intensive usage and can work with eyelets with 4 mm inner diameter.

Eyeleting machine HP-2 and HP-3
These eyeleting machines are very robust machines to close banner eyelets with 10.0 or 15.0 mm inner diameter.

Eyelets – Our range
Eyelets – 4 mm inner diameter
These eyelets have an inner diameter of 4.0 mm and are suitable for our eyeleting plier EP-30 as well as for the BATES eyeleting machine. Available in three sizes and two different materials.

Banner eyelets
Banner eyelets are used in combination with our eyeleting machine HP-2 and HP-3. These eyelets are available with 10 or 15 mm inner diameter and are available in two different materials.

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Eyeleter EP-30 Eyeleter BATES Eyeleting machine HP-2 Eyelets for eyeleter EP-30 or BATES Eyelets for eyeleter EP-30 or BATES Banner eyelets - 10 or 15 mm inner diameter Banner eyelets - 10 or 15 mm inner diameter Eyelet plier EP50 Automatic Eyeletter BATES Eyelets

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