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Cancelling and perforating machines

Cancelling machine – Cancelling press – Perforating machine – Perforating press – Perforation press – Date perforating machine

Cancelling, validation machines and perforating machines are tools to mark, cancel or validate important documents, forms, tenders, cheque cards, passports, labels and many other articles permanently.
Cancelling and validation machines are able to punch stacks of paper with a single punch symbol. The capacity of these machines may reach a maximum of 200 sheets. This machine is often used to validate tenders to prevent manipulation. But also banks, insurance companies and forwarding agents use this machines for various purposes. Also very popular is this machine in the administration of cities or municipal administration. Both, manual and electric cancelling machines are available for your choice.
Perforating machines may validate up to 25 sheets in one operation. With this machines, not one single punch symbol is used to mark the documents but various needles perforate a readable mark. These machines are used for cancelling or validating invoices or business documents but also to brand company documents and to improve the look of business documents. Perforating machines are available as date or text perforating machines.
Perforating machines with adjustable wheels are special perforators to perforate often changing number or letter combinations. These machines are very versatile and allow a huge number of different perforations. Additional text slides or letter-figure combinations are also possible.
A special perforating machine are our § 57a perforators. As these machines are only sold in the Austrian market, you will find no English information on this product.
Embossing machines are special machines to emboss paper stacks, documents and certificates. These machines are often used by administration offices, municipal administration but also universities, banks and insurance companies. Our embossing machines will emboss a fixed symbol in documents or certificates including mostly a fixed text and a symbol or emblem of the issuing authority.
Cancelling and perforating machines – Applications
Our cancelling, validation and perforating machines are used primarily to validate, date and cancel documents, forms, tenders, labels, passports, receipt blocks, invoices, cheque cards, savings books and other, similar documents.
Cancelling and perforating machines – Applicatiors
Due to its specific applications, these machines are used mainly in the following areas:
         Administrations of cities, municipals and ministries
         Lawyer and tax consultant offices
         Building companies and architects
         Accounting departments
         Banks and insurance companies
         Companies inviting to tender
         and many more
Cancelling and perforating machines – Availability
For faster navigation through our range, we divided these products in the following categories:
         Cancelling and validating machines
         Date perforating machines
         Text perforating machines
         Perforating machines with adjustable wheels
         Perforating machines § 57s
         Paper embossing machines
         PC driven perforating machine CompuStar
For further reading, please click the single categories. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will advise you gladly!

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