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Cancelling machines

Cancelling machines – Punch press


Our cancelling machines Perfoset are most suitable for marking, securing and/or cancelling forms like tender documents, identity documents, saving books, check cards or various business documents.
The capacity of this machines exceeds 100 pieces of paper, one special machine has even a capacity of 200 pieces. For the secure validation, you can chose between 12 different punch symbols and a round diameter. The maximum insertion depth is 110 mm, the position of the validation can be positioned exactly by two adjustable gauges.
The main users for these machines are state departments, municipality, lawyer and tax accountant offices, banks, insurance companies and various offices, where tenders have to be validated.
Cancelling machine – Our range:
Our range comprises the following cancelling machines:
  • Cancelling machine – Perfoset I/L (manual, 50 sheets)
  • Cancelling machine – Perfoset II/L (manual, 100 sheets)
  • Cancelling machine – Perfoset II/LA (manual, 100 sheets, exchangeable symbol)
  • Electric cancelling machine – Office L (electric – 50 sheets)
  • Electric cancelling machine – Perfoset E/L (electric – 100 sheets)
  • Electric cancelling machine – Perfoset E/LA (electric – 100 sheets – exchangeable symbol)
  • Electric cancelling machine – Perfoset ES/L (heavy duty – electric – 100 sheets)
  • Electric cancelling machine – Perfoset EX/L (heavy duty – electric – 200 sheets)
For detailed information to the single validation machines, please click the corresponding cancelling machine.
Should you have any question to our articles, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will advise you gladly!

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