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Heavy-duty punching machine and paper driller

Heavy-duty punching machines – Paper drilling machine – Paper drill bits

In every office and in most house holds, standard office punches are used for filing documents, calculations and other correspondence. These punches mostly have a capacity of 10 – 25 sheets and are suitable for most applications. However, in many cases, these standard punches have too low capacity for the stack of paper to be filed.
In these cases, we have the right solution to meet your requirements. With our heavy-duty punching machines, paper stacks up to 400 sheets can be punched in one step. Electric paper drills are able to drill a hole into stacks of paper with a maximum of even 1000 sheets.
These heavy duty punching machines or electric paper drillers are needed especially in lawyer or tax consultant offices, banks, Insurance company, big enterprises, architects, the construction branch and administrations.
Our heavy duty punches as well as our paper drillers are made of high-quality materials with an excellent cost/performance ratio. A wide variety of different machines cover all requirements in offices and banks.
Heavy duty punches and paper drillers are used often in the following offices:
         Lawyer office
         Tax consultant office
         Building contractor
         Advertising agency
         Copy shop
         Public management
         Public administration
         Insurance company
         And many more
Product range
Basically our product range can be divided in the following categories:
         Heavy duty punch (to approx. 400 sheets)
         Paper drill (to approx. 1000 sheets)
         Spiral binder (to approx. 100 sheets)
For further reading, please visit our detailed information pages clicking the single product ranges above or on top of the page.
Should you have any questions to our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Heavy duty punch Duo 35 Papierboherer-07 Heavy duty punch Duo 35 Heavy duty punch Filepecker I/X Paper drilling machine Filepecker III Paper drilling machine Filepecker IV Paper drill Twin ring wire binder RBX-100

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