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Staples – Overview

Staples are used in almost any industry for joining or binding materials together. Our range comprises a wide variety of different staples from various nameful manufacturers giving you the opportunity to purchase your staples to real wholesale prices even for smaller quantities.
In the 1960s, our company started to distribute staples “Elastic” later “Gutenberg Elastic” and “Rapid Isaberg”. Due to the big success, we enlarged our range by many well-known manufacturers as Kihlberg, Senco, Bostitch, BeA and many more.
Staple guide – How to find the correct staple
For better navigation, we summarised our range into two categories – the type of staple and the manufacturer of the staple. Each category contains various staples, differing in crown width, material thickness and leg length. The most popular staples are described in detail. For all the other staples, you will only find the “hard facts” – crown width, leg lengths and thickness.
Staple guide – Our range
For your choice, please find our staples as follows:
         Staples – Types and applications
o       Industrial staples
o       Cardboard staple – cardboard staple
o       Textile staples
o       Office staples
o       Staples for Elekrohefter
         Staples – Manufacturers
o       Staples Arrow
o       Staples Stanley – Bostitch
o       Staples Atro
o       Staples BeA
o       Staples Rapid – mountain Isa
o       Staples Elastic
o       Staples Duofast
o       Staples Holzher
o       Staples Haubold
o       Staples Kihlberg
o       Staples Max
o       Staples Paslode
o       Staples Prebena
o       Staples Senco
For further details, please click on the category you are interested in.
Our sales team will gladly advise you by finding your staple.
Staples – Applications
Staples are used in almost any industry, where two materials have to be fastened. The applications are countless, some of the standard applications are:
         Production of sales packaging
         Closure of cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard
         Applications in the furniture industry
         Fixation of panels
         Carpenter, insulation and roofing works
         Applications in the automotive industry
         Fixation of labels in the textile industry
         Fixation of labels for transport or storage
         Office applications and copy shops
Staples – Availability
As mentioned before, we have a large range of different staples in our range. Most staples are supplied off-the-shelf, some staples are made exactly to your requirements.
Please let us know the following details of your staple:
         Manufacturer / brand
         Crown width
         Wire thickness
         Wire width
         Leg length
Detailed information to our standard staples is available on our website by clicking the single staple or manufacturer above or on top of the page.
Should you have any questions to our staples, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will be glad to assist you!
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