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Fasteners - Staples - Nails


Fasteners – Staples – Nails

Large selection of fasteners, staples and nails for various fastening tools.

Fasteners – Staples – Nails – Pins and Brads are used in almost any industry for fastening, joining or binding materials together. Our company is a one-stop-shop for premium brands of various fastening equipment including Stanley Bostitch, Tjep Kyocera, Titac, Fasco, Rapid Isaberg and others.


Our staples are suitable for various fastening applications like joinery, upholstery, construction, furniture, flooring, shed and fences, packaging, pallet and case manufacturers and many others.


Fastener – Staples – Nails – Our products

Staples CE certified EN 14592 Staples for furniture joinery upholstery flooring Staples for electric stapler and office
Construction – Building Furniture – Joinery – Upholstery – Flooring Electric Stapler – Office Applications
Plastic staples Titac Plastic T-Pins Titac Carton staples for carton closing stapler
Plastic Staples for Wood, Sawmills, Timber Plastic T-Pins for Wood Carton staples
Staples for packaging    
Staples for Packaging and Logistics    
Strip Nails Anchor Nails
Coil Nails Strip Nails Anchor Nails
Brads Tjep VF
Concrete Nails galvanized  
Pins and Brads Nails for Concrete  



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Staples for furniture joinery upholstery flooring Plastic staples Titac Plastic staples Titac Brads Tjep VF
Coil Nail 16° Coil Nail plastic collated Anchor Nails Strip Nail


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