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Tacking guns and nailers

Tacking guns and nailers

On this side you will receive relevant information on tacking guns, tacking pliers and pneumatic pinners and nailers.


Our huge product range includes the brands Rapid, Regur, Fasco, Rocama and Holzher. 





Tacking gun Hammertacker

 Pneumatic tacker FASCO –
Pneumatic nailer FASCO

Various pneumatic tacker
 Pneumatic pinner FASCO Pneumatic bradder FASCO
Top stapler – Carton stapler  

 Folgende Produkte finden Sie in den einzelnen Kategorien:

Tacking gun:

  • Tacking gun Rapid 23
  • Tacking gun Rapid 153
  • Tacking gun Rapid 33
  • Tacking gun Rapid 353
  • Tacking gun Regur FT-10
  • Tacking gun Regur FT-23
  • Tacking gun Regur FT-53
  • Tacking gun Rocama 14
  • Tacking gun Rocama 16
  • Tacking gun Takkurat 44
  • Tacking gun T-37 plastic
  • Tacking gun Rapid 28
  • Hammertacker Regur 11
  • Hammertacker Regur 14
  • Hammertacker Regur 19
  • Hammertacker Regur 28
  • Hammertacker Regur 54
  • Hammertacker Regur 20



Pneumatic nailer FASCO Various pneumatic nailers
  • Pneumatic nailer FASCO F1B
  • Pneumatic nailer FASCO F2B
  • Pneumatic nailer FASCO F21P
  • Pneumatic nailer FASCO F26AT
  • Pneumatic nailer FASCO F3C
  • Pneumatic nailer FASCO F45C
  • Pneumatic nailer MEK 80
  • Pneumatic nailer MEK90 Combi
  • Pneumatic nailer ACE 80
  • Pneumatic nailer ACE 50
  • Pneumatic nailer ACE 500
  • Pneumatic nailer ACE-TSN-64G
Pneumatic pinner FASCO  
  • Pinner FASCO F1B
  • Pinner FASCO F21P GA
Pneumatic bradder FASCO  
  • Bradder FASCO F1B
  • Bradder FASCO F23C
  • Bradder FASCO F21T
  • Bradder FASCO F26AC
  • Bradder FASCO F3C
  • Bradder FASCO F45C
 Top stapler – carton stapler  
  • Top stapler Robox BA 35/15-18
  • Top stapler Robox BH 35/15-18
  • Top stapler Robox BH 35/22
  • Top stapler Robox AA 32/15-18
  • Top stapler Robox AH 32/15-18
  • Top stapler Robox AH 32/22


Further information to our product range is available on the special webpages. 

Should you have any questions to our pneumatic nailers and pinners, tackers and carton pliers, please contact our sales team by telephone or by email.





Tacker-Fasco-F21T-05 Klammernagler-Fasco-F26-05 Klammernagler-Fasco-F1B-05 Hammertacker-Regur28-05 Handtacker-Regur-MP10 Tacking gun Hammertacker Pinner FASCO F23C A64-50 Pneumatic stapler FASCO F26AT Bradder FASCO F21T GN-40 Pneumatic stapler Holzher 3430 Pneumatic top stapler Robox

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