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Pneumatic tackers

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Pneumatic tackers

Pneumatically operated staple guns are professional tackers for high-volume applications where compressed air is available. Our pneumatic tacker are robust and powerful tackers with an ergonomic rubber grip.
In total 8 different pneumatic tackers are in our range which are able to use staples up to a leg lentgh with a maximum of 50 mm. However, even smaller and inexpensive tackers are available for light-craft but high-volume applications.
Pneumatic staple gun – Our range:
Various different pneumatic tackers are available in our range, for detailed information about the single air operated staplers please visit our special sub-site to each tacker below or on top of this site.
         Pneumatic stapling gun MEK 80
         Pneumatic stapling gun MEK 90 Combi
         Pneumatic stapling gun ACE 80
         Pneumatic stapling gun ACE 50
         Pneumatic stapling gun ACE 90
         Pneumatic stapling gun Holzher 3430
         Pneumatic stapling gun ACE 500
         Pneumatic stapling gun ACE-TSN-64G
Should you have any questions to our tackers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will be glad to assist you!


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