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Security seals


Security seals

Container seal – bolt lock seals – pull tight seals

Sealing with sealing pliers and sealing press is only one way to secure your products. Beside this classical method, we offer also a large range of special security seals for various purposes.
This range includes various innovative sealing products especially for the freight and cargo industry, forwarding agencies and transport. These security seals are easy to close without any tools making the usage even more simple. For traceability and security reasons, each seal has a consecutive number printed on it. With this number you can add additional information about the container, truck or shipment in your PC system reaching a higher level of security and information.
This product range includes various products like:
         pull-tight plastic security seals: easy to cinch-up
         fixed length seals: specific length for your convenience
         cable seals: for high security
         bolt seals: for even more security, especially for container transport

Pull-tight plastic security seals:

This cinch-up plastic seal is a self-locking pull-tight security seal. Pull-tight seals are available in various lengths, always with a consecutive number printed on it. The cap is easy to apply and twist off. Its textured tab permits also writing with a marking pen.
This security seals are available in different lengths, colours and imprints. You can use these seals for cash bags, trucks, fire extinguishers, first-aid cabinets, fibre-drums, containers, food & beverages, plastic bags and so on.
Our most popular pull-tight seals are:

Fixed lengths seals:

fixed-length-seal-Plastik-Fixcar In contrast to the pull-tight security seals, fixed lengths seals cannot be cinched up but are available in one length only. Fixed length seals are very reliable and are heavily used within the freight and cargo industry. A consecutive number is hot stamped in a contrasting colour allowing tracability and a higher level of information.

Cable seals:

cable-seal Cable seals are a variation of cinch-up seals. The metal cable cannot be removed without a side cutter and is therefore very reliable. Our cable seals are available in different cable diameters and colours of the lock. Cable seals can be preprinted, a consecutive number is printed on any cable seal. This security seal is also very popular within the freight and cargo industry, especially for high-value shipments.

Container seals – bolt seal

Container-bolt-lock-seal-Snapper Our container seal is a high security seal which meets any security requirements. This bolt seal is most reliable and is used for high-value cargo and cross border shipments locking containers and truck doors. The bolt is simply inserted in its counterpart, a ring feather blocks the bolt.

Meter seal

Security-seal-Twist Sealing of meters is one of the main applications for security seals. You can seal water meters, gas meters and energy meter seal in various ways, we offer all possible security seals from the traditional lead seals to convenient twist seal.


Security seals – Applications

Security seals can be used in different areas of the industry. However, security seals are heavily used in the freight and cargo industry from forwarding agencies and transporters.

Beside the protection, security seals can also be used for further information. Every seal has a consecutive number printed on it, giving the operator the opportunity to identify or trace a single truck, bag, container or shipment. This number can easily be added to the PC database, increasing tracability and security.

Standard applications are:
  • Protection and sealing of counter boxes and money boxes
  • Protection and sealing of water meters, gas meters and electricity meters
  • Protection and sealing of trucks and transports
  • Protection and sealing of fire extinguishers
  • Sealing for customs reasons
  • Sealing for calibration reasons
  • Protection and sealing in the administration
  • Protection and sealing of containers, boxes, suitcase, …

Security seals – Advantages

Security lead seals have many advantages compared to the standard lead seals:
  • Improved tracability
  • No tools required 
  • Very easy to use
  • Individual printing
  • Different length, colours and variation for your choice
  • Meets high security requirements

For detailed information regarding material, size, packaging units, precise shape, please visit our information sides to the single models.

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