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Marking products - Marking technologies

Marking Stamp


Marking products – Marking technologies

Punch sets – Steel types – Marking heads – Percussion press – Dot Marking machines


On our website, you will get detailed information on “Marking tools“ of any kind. Marking tools are essential tools in nearly any production process for marking metal or plastic components.


Our company is a single source supplier of marking equipment ranging from low-tech hand stamps, custom made engraved dies, steel types and hand holders, machine holders, numbering heads, marking presses, computer controlled dot marking machines to custom made systems for integration into a production line. The right choice of the marking tool depends on various criterias like material, hardness, production process, form of the work piece and many others.


Here a brief overview of our products in this range:


Hand stamps – PRYOR punches


Interchangeable steel types 

 Pryor Fount Set Interchangeable Steel Type


Type holder – Hand holder Machine holder



Numbering head – Manual numberer


Catalog download

Catalog hand steel stamp – punches
Catalog interchangeable steel type and holder
Catalog marking head / numbering head



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