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Punch set PRYOR Low Stress

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Punch set PRYOR lowstress

PRYOR punch set mini sterss with rounded nose available as set A-Z and 0-9 from 3.0 to 6.0 mm

Marking stamps “low stress” or also called “ministress punches“ are specially engineered so that lower stress levels are introduced into the component being marked. These punches are used especially for the oil, gas and aircraft industry but also for power plants and similar applications. Instead of the sharp faced characters, these punches are manufactured with a radius engraving to reduce the stress levels. Please see the difference on the following illustration.

Our punches are manufactured of high quality Chromium tool steel. All stamps are hardened precisely, giving a hardness of 58-62 R.C. at the character end and 32-40 R.C. at the striking end. Please note, that the hardness of the component should not exceed 40 R.C.

Low stress – impressions:

Punch set ministress - lowstress Punch Low stress

All sets are delivered in a strong plastic box with separate compartments for each stamp to allow rapid selection. The production of the punches is certificated after ISO 9001:2000. For special security requirements there is a special security holder available.

Marking stamps of the series “low stress“ are available as a single punch as well as in sets of A-Z and 0-9 in different sizes. All standard stamps are nickel-plated and protected therefore against rust.

Please, note that the size of the stamps must be measured on top at the sharp faced characters end.

Punch set PRYOR lowstress – ministress – Our offer

Size: A-Z 0-9
Punch set 3.0 of mm PY LOW A-Z 3.0 mm PY Low 0-9 3.0 mm
Punch set 5.0 of mm PY LOW A-Z 5.0 mm PY LOW 0-9 5.0 mm
Punch set 6.0 of mm PY LOW A-Z 6.0 mm PY LOW 0-9 6.0 mm

Size of the blanks:

Size of the blanks

Security holders

  For safety reasons we recommend to use security gloves or use our security holder “Punch Grip” when using our punches. There are two different models available. Our metal holder is more precise and suitable for all standard punches
The plastic security holder is more flexible, you can use this holder for even thicker handles. This holder is also suitable for marking heads.


Catalog download

Catalog hand steel stamp – punches
Catalog interchangeable steel type and holder
Catalog marking head / numbering head


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Pun set "Low stress - Ministress"
Punch - blank Punch - ministress


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