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Tagging guns and pins

Tagging guns and pins – Our large range offers a wide variety of different products for tagging requirements.

Tagging guns are used to fasten labels on your textiles. Our product range includes all necessary tools and accessories.


Tagging guns and accessories – Our range


Tagging guns





  • Needles standard
  • Needles fine

Hang tags with string

  • Hang tags with strings
  • Various sizes available



Carton hang tags

  • Carton hang tags on rolls 30×50 mm
  • Carton hang tags on rolls 40×60 mm

Plastic Loop pins

  • Plastic loop pins to hang labels on hard goods
  • Varailable in two lengths 75 and 125 mm
  • Available in transparent (white) and black

Strings for textiles

  • High-quality strings for luxury articles
  • available with 120 and 200 mm length
  • Colour: black or white
  • With plastic lock mechanism


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Price: For your inquiry concerning prices to our tagging uns, please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.


Tagging gun Arrow 9S Fasteners for tagging guns Hang tags with string Needles for tagging guns Tags on rolls Strings Tagging gun Markstar MK1 Tagging gun Markstar MK1 with accessories Tagging gun Markstar MK1 with accessories Pins for tagging gun Markstar MK1

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