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Price gun Blitz C

Price gun Blitz C6 – Labelling machine Blitz C8 – Hand printer Blitz C10

The price guns BLITZ “C” are wide spread pricing machines. With a standard label size of 26×12 mm, this labels and printers are very popular by many retail shops.
Price gun Blitz 26×12 – Our range

Price gun Blitz C6

  • Digits: 6
  • Impression: €123,45

Price gun Blitz C8

  • Digits: 8
  • Impression: €12345.67

Price gun Blitz C10

  • Digits: 10
  • Impression: €123,45
    Impression: 1234€678.90
Price: For prices to our Blitz price guns, please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly!


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