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Prices and terms

As we do not have prices online, we kindly ask you to send us your inquiry by email, fax or phone. Our sales team will contact you immediately with a quotation and/or additional information.

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The following articles can also be inquired through our „watch-list“ function:

Marking of metal and plastic

  • Price punch – steel stamp – marking stamp
  • Price steel type – marking type
  • Price type holder – manual type holder – machine holder
  • Price marking head
  • Price marking press – percussion press
  • Price dot marking machine
  • Price TELOS rubber type
  • Price TELOS handroll stamp
  • Price Stamping ink for metal
  • Price Stamping ink for plastic
  • Price Stencil – interlock stencil
  • Price fount roller – fount brush

Pricing of merchandise

  • Price labelling machine – price gun
  • Price price labels
  • Price thermal printer – barcode printer
  • Price thermal labels – thermo direct labels – thermo transfer labels
  • Price label dispenser – label applicator

Security seals – sealing pliers

  • Price sealing plier
  • Price lead seal – plastic lead seal – aluminium lead seal – meter seal
  • Price sealing wire
  • Price Security seal – pull-tight seal
  • Price Security seal – container seal
  • Price Security seal – cable seal
  • Price sealing stamp

Stapling plier – Staple

  • Price industrial stapling plier
  • Price stapling plier
  • Price stapling gun – stapling tacker
  • Price electric tacker
  • Price pneumatic tacker
  • Price top stapler – carton stapler
  • Price staple

Marking of wood, carton, cork and leather

  • Price branding iron
  • Price TELOS rubber type
  • Price TELOS handroll stamp
  • Price stamping ink for wood
  • Price stencil – interlock stencil
  • Price fount roller – fount brush

EAS electronic article surveillance

  • Price EAS system RF 8.2 MHz
  • Price EAS system RF 1.95 MHz
  • Price EAS system AM
  • Price EAS hard tags – security label
  • Price EAS tags for textiles
  • Price magnetic detacher
  • Price special EAS products

Cancelling machines, Validation machines, Perforating machines

  • Price cancelling machine
  • Price hole-punch plier – ticket-punch plier
  • Price date perforating machine
  • Price text perforating machine
  • Price wheel perforating machine

Heavy duty punch – paper drilling machine

  • Price heavy duty punch
  • Price paper drilling machine
  • Price paper driller

Our sales team is looking forward to receiving your inquiries!

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