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Thermal transfer ribbons

Ribbon for label printer ARGOX

Basically, for each thermal transfer printer, three types of thermal transfer ribbons are available. Each type has a range of applications.
According to application purpose and task, these types are:
– Wax: For printing of paper labels – inexpensive, for indoor applications
– Wax / resin: For paper labels and plastic labels – long life and good resistance
– Resin: Practically indestructible impressions on all materials
The single tapes have the following qualities:
Thermo transfer ribbon – Wax ribbons
This type of ribbons is the least expensive thermal transfer ribbon. A high percentage of wax based substance in the colorant, these ribbons are made with one single colorant layer. The melting point of wax is lower, therefore, printing can be done at lower heating settings. However, wax ribbons produce softer images, the durability is less against scratch, chemical or environmental resistance or smudge. Typically, wax ribbons are used for indoor applications where there is not much abrasion or physical contact. These labels are often used for general labeling, shipping labels, address labels, garment tags, price tickets, warehouse applications and label printing including retail tag and label applications.
Thermo transfer ribbon – Wax/Resin ribbons
Wax/Resin ribbons are a combination of wax and resin based colorant substances. These ribbons have two or more layers and a greater percentage of resin substance. Due to the higher melting point of resin, a higher heat level is needed. These ribbons produce sharp edged imprints which are more resistant against abrasion or scratching. With wax/resin ribbons, printing speeds up to 40 cm/second can be achieved. Wax/ribbon bands are used when the chance of abrasion or scratch is higher. These ribbons are slightly more expensive then pure wax ribbons.
Thermo transfer ribbon – Resin ribbons
Resin ribbons contain the highest percentage of resin materials. These ribbons need the highest energy level due to the resin, therefore, only low print speeds can be achieved. These ribbons are the most expensive thermal transfer ribbons, however, the quality of printing is superior. You can print almost any material like polester, polyofines, garment and other materials. The imprint is very high restistant to chemicals.
Dimensions – standard widths
Different widths and lengths are always available in our range. Our standard widths are 33 mm, 64 mm, 84 mm and 109 mm.
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