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Price labels

Price labels für price gun Blitz, Meto, Samrt, Uno, Jolly and others

Our large assortment of price gun labels contains almost any size ranging from 22×12 to 29×28 mm to fit all our different price guns as well as price guns from other manufacturers and brands like Meto, Sato, Jolly, Smart or Open.
Our labels are available in 4 different adhesions ranging from permanent adhesion to peelable (removable) adhesion. A special adhesion for freezers is also available. Beside the standard labels in white, various different colours like green, red, yellow and orange are available off-the-shelf in permanent or peelable adhesion. Special colours can be make to your requirements.
Beside the blank labels, we can also supply pre-printed labels with customized imprints and company logos. Up to 3 colours can be printed on one label, however, we recommend to use a maximum of two colours. A special cut is available on demand for tearing of the price only leaving the advertising imprint on the product.
In addition, a special security cut is available to prevent an exchange from one article to another. This label is manufactured in three parts, a removal and later pasting up is almost impossible without notice.


Price gun labels – Available sizes
Our range contains all different sizes for our labeling machines BLITZ and various other manufacturers. We can supply the following labels off-the-shelf:

Labels 22×12 mm


Labels 26×12 mm


Labels 26×12 mm RE


Labels 26×16 mm
Labels 26×16 mm RE
Labels 26×19 mm
Labels 32×19 mm
Labels 29×28 mm
Labels 37×19 mm
You will find detailed information about our different labels on the single product sites by clicking the required size.
Price gun labels – Brands and Price guns
Our labels fit the price guns of the following brands and manufacturers:
         Meto checkpoint
Price gun labels – Adhesion
In our assortment we lead 4 different adhesions available:
Permanent labels stick excellently on all products and can be used also for metal, glass, ceramics and similar products.
Semi-permanent labels are available only in white colour. The adhesion is slightly reduced so that you can peel off these labels from various products without residues. This adhesion is often used in chemist´s shops for drug boxes but also in book stores.
Peelable labels – removable labels are used everywhere where the label must be removed without residues or when the product can easily be damaged. Espeically for stationalry and cardboard packagings, this adhesion is very popular.
Labels for freezer – freezer are used primarily in the food industry as well as in the pharmaceutical area where on account of the deep temperatures special requirements are put on the adhesion of the labels.
Preprinted labels
Beside the standard off-the-shelf labels, pre-printed labels in any dimension and colour are available on demand. Even multicolour printings up to three colours are possible, from a user point of view, only two-colour imprints are recommended. All pre-printed labels are available in any colour or adhesion mentioned above.
As a special option we offer also pre-printed labels with an extra cut. This extra cut allows you to tear off the price from the label, the upper part remains on the label. This means, your company logo or advertising label still remains on the product.
Standard imprints like “Special price” or “Best before:” are available in various colours and sizes.
Price gun labels – Applications
In the following branches our label rolls are used:
         clothes shop and fashion shop
         body shop,
         butcher´s shop, bakery, grocery, grocer´s shop, tea shop
         chemist´s shops
         electric shops, music shops, electrical supply stores
         entertainment electronic stores and consumer electronics
         flower shops, pet shops
         furniture shops
         gift shops, picture shops
         retail shops of any kind
For further details, please click to the corresponding category to receive more information about the single label sizes.
Should you have any questions to our price gun labels, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will gladly advise you!
Price: for your inquiry concerning prices to this article, please use our contact form and/or add this article to your watch list for later inquiries!

Price labels, white Price labels, white Price labels, white Price labels, standard colours fluo Price labels, standard colours fluo Price labels, standard colours fluo Preisetikette - Etikette 26x16 mm Preisetikette - Etikette 26x12 mm RE Preisetikette - Etikette 22x12 mm Preisetikette - Etikette 37x19 mm RE Preisetikette - Etikette 32x19 mm Preisetikette - Etikette 29x28 mm Preisetikette - Etikette 26x19 mm RE Preisetikette - Etikette 26x16 mm RE Preisetikette - Etikette 26x12 mm

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