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Price gun - Labelling machines

Price guns – Labelling machines – Labeller Blitz Meto Checkpiont Jolly Uno Smart

Product presentation is one key to success in retailing, professional price labelling and product description systems are of central importance.
One important factor for the shop owner is the cost element for price labelling. Using price guns, labelers and corresponding price labels is the most favourable and inexpensive way to price your articles and products. As distributor for price guns of the brands “BLITZ”, "Jolly", "Meto", "Uno", "Smart" and other brands, we offer a large range of high quality and low cost price hand labelers. Our range comprises more than 50 different models for any pricing application including one line, two lines and three lines labelers. The corresponding labels are available off-the-shelf in various adhesions, colours and sizes.
Reliability of the pricing device is another important factor for a shop keeper. Our price guns comply with this requirements superior. The brand BLITZ is a most reliable labelling machine working without maintenance for years. The body is of hard plastics, all parts are made to high precision, allowing a long durability even for heavy duty applications. As distributor for these labelers, we have all spare parts and accessories in stock all the time.
High flexibility of the pricing gun and an excellent readability of the labels are two additional factors for the choice of your labeler. Due to the large number of different price guns, our assortment offers you products for maximum flexibility to your requirements. The digits of the labeler can be made to your needs, including currency symbols (€, Pound, Fr.), cloth sizes (X, M, L, S) or weights and measures (g, kg, m, l). The rubber bands are made of high quality rubber and guarantee best printings for a long time.


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Price guns and labelers – Eastern Europe
We also supply our price guns to the following countries:
   Etiketovaci kleste – Pro tisk cenových etiket a k jejilch aplikaci na zbozí. Kleste znacky Blitz, Meto, Jolly, Uno, Smart
   Etiketovacie klieste – priamy dovozcovia Blitz, Meto, Jolly, Uno, Smart
   Árazógép széles választékban – Árazó (szálbelövö) pisztoly – Blitz, Meto, Jolly, Uno, Smart
   Metkownica – 1-2 rzedowa Blitz, Meto, Jolly, Uno, Smart – Metkownicy + Metki do metkownicy
Price guns and labelers – Applications
Our handheld labelers are used primarily for the following purposes:
         Pricing of merchandise
         Provide merchandise and articles with additional information and coding (weight, size, …)
         Imprint of expiry date, production date, …
         Combined imprint of size, dimension and price in fashion shops and clothes shops
         Imprint of production load, …
These applications are used in most areas of retail, trade and commerce. Typical shops are:
         clothes shop and fashion shop
         body shop,
         butcher´s shop, bakery, grocery, grocer´s shop, tea shop
         chemist´s shops
         electric shops, music shops, electrical supply stores
         entertainment electronic stores and consumer electronics
         flower shops, pet shops
         furniture shops
         gift shops, picture shops
         retail shops of any kind
Price guns and labelers – Advantages
Price guns of the brand BLITZ are a printer of the highest quality with the following advantages:
         Extremely robust plastic body – sturdy construction
         Easy to use band selector
         Label roll in protective cover
         Easy to load – Drop-in loading – labels can be changed within seconds
         high Repetiergeschwindigkeit, quick label result
         complete assortment for the most different label dimensions
         Big model availability
         High flexibility due to the large range
         Pricing and date marking with one single printer possible
         Special rubber bands for special markings (g, kg, pcs., m, X, L, M, S)
         Spare parts available
         Most printers off-the-shelf available
Price guns and labelers – Availability and models
Our price guns are available in the many different models for various labels and imprint applications.
We offer a complete range of labelers including one line, two line and three line price guns for off-the-shelf labels. Beside the top quality labelers “BLITZ” we also offer a cheap but also high qualitative brand “Prevail”.
To find your most suitable printer as easy as possible, please visit our special sub page “Top 10 price guns” comprising the 10 most popular labelers.
For better navigation, we classified our range into six categories. These categories are as follows:
         One-line price gun BLITZ
o       Price gun series C – for labels 26×12 mm
o       Price gun series M – for labels 26×16 mm
o       Price gun series S – for labels 26×16 mm
o       Price gun series P – for labels22x12 mm
o       Price gun series L – for labels32x19 mm
o       Price gun series T – for labels 29×28 mm
o       Price gun series X – for labels37x19 mm
         Two line Price gun BLITZ
o       Price gun series C – for labels 26×16 mm
o       Price gun series S. – for labels 26×16 mm
o       Price gun series L – for labels 32×19 mm
o       Price gun series T – for labels 29×28 mm
o       Price gun series X – for labels 37×19 mm
         Three line Price gun BLITZ
o       Price gun series T – for labels 29×28 mm
         Price gun for alphanumeric imprints
         Price gun „PREVAIL“
         Price gun for consecutive numbering
For further details, please click to the corresponding category to receive more information about the single price guns in each category. As mentioned above, the “Top 10 price guns” are summarized in a special sub page.
Should you have any questions to our handheld price guns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will gladly advise you!
Price: for your inquiry concerning prices to this article, please use our contact form and/or add this article to your watch list for later inquiries!

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