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Price gun Uno

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Price gun of the brand "Prevail" are an inexpensive alternative to the price gun "BLITZ".
The range of different printers is smaller, however, this brand covers all the standard printers for one line and two line pricing. These printers offer high impression quality, durability and the reliability and a great cost/performance ratio.
The same labels can be used for both our brands, BLITZ and Prevail. Therefore, price guns of this series are a good addition to already existing labeling machines.
Price gun PREVAIL – Our range
The following price guns are available for your choice:
Price gun Prevail C6: As well as the price gun Mod. BLITZ C6, the Price gun Prevail C6 is the most popular one-line labeler. The standard labels size of 26×12 mm is available off-the-shelf.
Price gun Prevail C8: Also designed for the label 26×12 mm, this printer offers two additional digits. With this printer, 8 digits can be printed on the labels allowing excellent pricing on the one hand or date information on the other hand. Pre-printed labels “Best before:” are available off-the-shelf for meaningful imprints.
Price gun Prevail S14: Our price gun Prevail S14 is the most popular labeler for two line pricing. In the first line, product information or a date can be printed on 8 digits, prices in the second line can reach up to €99.99 or even 999.99 without the currency symbol.
Price gun Prevail S16: The price gun Prevail S16 is similarly in construction compared with the Price gun Prevail S14, but offering two additional digits in the second line.
Price gun Prevail ConC8: The price gun Prevail ConC8 is a special labeler for consecutive numbers. The first 5 digits are smaller and can be adjusted manually. All standard symbols like S, M, X or L are available. The last 3 digits are consecutive numbers. The label size is 22×12 mm.
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