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Sealing wax and accessories

Sealing wax – sealing stamp – sealing device

General information – introduction
Our sealing wax is suited very well to the tinkering, for artisan works, invitation cards and presents as well as for viticulturists.
Sealing waxes of the brand Gutenberg are available in 23 standard colours and 3 metallic colours. 1 pole weighs approx. 25 g and lasts – according to size of the seal  – for approx. 6-10 impressions.
The sealing wax is warmed up about a flame and lets drain the liquid sealing wax afterwards. Ideally a piece of wax is broken off and heated up in a spoon and poured out then. Thus it is avoided that the sealing wax carries off soot tracks.
Our sealing wax is shining, hard and friable and can be broken by the receiver. For the pure post dispatch this wax is not suitable, except in suitable packaging.
Sealing wax – Availability
Sealing waxes and accessories are available in the following variations
         Sealing waxes Gutenberg
o       Gutenberg standard sealing wax
o       Gutenberg sealing wax granules
o       Special sealing waxes – Gutenberg
         Seal devices
o       Gutenberg quick sealer
o       Gutenberg sealing pen
         Seal and seals
o       Initial seal
o       Special manufacturing
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Petschaft-wappen Sealing stamp - Seal Sealing stamp - Seal Sealing stamp - Seal Siegellack-gutenberg-07 Schnellsiegelgerät Gutenberg Sealing wax for wine bottles Self adhessive wax stickers Gutenberg sealing way - 1 box = 20 sticks assorted Quick sealer for seal wax granulate Sealing wax granulate - 1 box = 500 g Post wax

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