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Sealing wax - Gutenberg

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Sealing wax – Gutenberg



Standard sealing wax "Gutenberg"
Sealing waxes of the series GU 92 are available in different colours and sets. The poles are packaged either to 6 or to 20 poles. These both assortments can be delivered kinds-purely as well as sorted in colour.
Sealing wax – Availability
GU 92126 / (colour) – 6 poles of one colour
GU 92126/SO – 6 poles of assorted colours
GU 92M26/(colour) – 6 poles of one metallic colour
GU 92M26/SO – 6 poles of assorted metallic colours
GU 92120 / (colour) – 20 poles of one colour
GU 92120/SO – 20 poles of assorted colours
GU 92M20/(colour) – 20 poles of one metallic colour
GU 92M20/SO – 20 poles of assorted metallic colours
Available colours:
– Sealing wax white (colour 99)
– Sealing wax yellow (colour 13)
– Sealing wax chrome-yellow (colour 14)
– Sealing wax orange (colour 4)
– Sealing wax brown (colour 70)
– Sealing wax sienna (colour 71)
– Sealing wax burnt sienna (colour 72)
– Sealing wax vermilion (colour 23)
– Sealing wax claret-red (colour 27)
– Sealing wax crimson (colour 26)
– Sealing wax radiant red (colour 24)
– Sealing wax mauve (colour 64)
– Sealing wax olive-green (colour 57)
– Sealing wax pale green (colour 52)
– Sealing wax dark green (colour 58)
– Sealing wax turquoise (colour 54)
– Sealing wax light blue (colour 30)
– Sealing wax medium blue (colour 34)
– Sealing wax deep-blue (colour 37)
– Sealing wax beige (colour 7)
– Sealing wax light grey (colour 8)
– Sealing wax black (colour 9)
– Sealing wax silber (colour 00)
– Sealing wax gold (colour 11)
– Sealing wax copper (colour 77)
Sealing wax – seal granulate "Gutenberg" for quick sealer
Our sealing wax granulate material GU 91P01 is suited especially for the use with quick sealer 97220. This sealing wax is already delivered in small pieces and can be heated up so comfortably in quick seal devices and be liquefied. Also for the use in glaze spoons this wax is suitable very well.
Our granulate is available either in a packet with 500 g or in a tub with 5 kg. The standard colour is vermilion, if requested we can also deliver special colours. The minimum order quantity is approx. 40 tubs of 5 kg.
Special sealing waxes
According to application there are different kinds of sealing waxes. These are as follows:
GU 900G1: Bank wax, 10 poles, vermilion, for glazed papers
GU 90G24: Post wax, 10 poles, vermilion, for rough papers
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Siegellack-gutenberg-07 Gutenberg sealing wax, 20 sticks, all colours Gutenberg sealing wax, metallic colours

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