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Sealing plier manufacturer and supplier


Sealing plier and accessories

Our company is sealing plier manufacturer and supplier of security seals


Our company offers a wide range of various security sealing products. As sealing plier manufacturer and supplier of various accessories like lead seals, plastic seals, sealing wire, pull-tight seals, we can cover any demand for security sealing. Our range includes various products to seal meters (water flow meter, water meter, gas meter, electricity meter), cash boxes, containers, vehicles, trucks, transport boxes, counter boxes, first-aid boxes, bank suitcases, mailbags and many more.


The sealing can be done by many different sealing systems. On the one hand, we offer standard sealing solutions using a sealing plier, plastic lead seals or lead seals and a sealing wire. Beside these standard products, we also offer pull-tight security seals, bolt-lock security seals and other sealing products.


Security seals – our range

Sealing-plier Sealing plier – Seal pincer

  • Various sealing pliers for lead and plastic seals
  • Customized engraving
  • Sealing dies 8 – 14 mm diameter
Lead-seal Lead seals

  • Lead seals 8 mm diameter
  • Lead seals 9 mm diameter
  • Lead seals 10 mm diameter
  • Lead seals 12 mm diameter
plastic-seal-blue Plastic seals

  • Plastic seals 8 mm diameter
  • Plastic seals 9 mm diameter
  • Plastic seals 10 mm diameter
  • Plastic seals 12 mm diameter
Aluminium seal 9x11 mm Aluminium seals

  • Aluminium seal rectangular
  • Aluminium seal round
  • Aluminium seal 9×11 mm
Sealing-wire-iron-galvanized Sealing wire

  • Iron galvanized
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Nylon
Pre-Cutted sealing wire

  • Sealing wire in various length from 100-400 mm
  • Iron galvanized, copper or brass
Premounted-lead-seal Press fitted lead seals

  • Press fitted lead seals
  • Press fitted aluminium seals


Pull-tight-seal-customized Pull-tight seals – Adjustable seals

Container-bolt-lock-seal-Snapper Container seal – Bolt lock seals

cable-seal Cable seals

Tamper-proof-security-tape-VOID-braun Tamper evident security tape

  • Tamper evident security tape VOID
  • security tape for known consignor
  • in various colours available


Tamper-proof-security-label Tamper evident security labels

  • Tamper evident security label VOID
  • with sequential number
  • security tape for known consignor
  • in various colours available


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