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Bolt lock security seals

Container seal – Bolt lock security seals

Our container bolt seal “Custom” is one of the most secure seals around the world. This seal is especially used to seal containers for cross border shipments.
A ring, which blocks the pin is automatically encapsulated in the bolt. After electric welding, the ring cannob be reached from outside. Our container seals is encapsulated in policarboted material which is as strong as steel.
This seal is available in various colours and can be personalized with Company names or figure/letter combinations with a maximum of 20 characters. Barcode and double numbering is also available.
The durability and security is certified by the USA Customs and the UK customs.
Product details:
Security seal “Customs”: Container security seal “Customs”, 75 mm length
1 Box = 10 seals
1 Carton = 25 boxes (250 seals)
Our bolt seal “Customs” is available in various colour. Each seal can be personalized with a maximum of 20 characters showing your company name. Besides, barcode printing or double numbering is also possible.
Application possibilities:
Freight and cargo industry, container, rail cars, trucks, trailers
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Containerplombe-customs Security seal - Container seal

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