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Ticket punch


Ticket punch

Hole punch plier – Ticket punch plier

Ticket-punch pliers are special pliers to validate tickets, cancel a voucher or mark similar products like identity card, cheque card, badge and so on. Laminated identity cards can be validated with our pliers as well.

Our hand ticket punches are heavy nickel plated pliers with a high durability. The steel die made with extreme accuracy is of hardened steel fits perfectly with the hard steel pivot pin for clear cuttings. An easy action spring opens the plier again after every use.

In our range, you will find 6 different models with different throat depth ranging from a maximum of 25 to 75 mm. Our standard pliers are supplied with a round hole in 3 mm diameter, 2, 4 and 5 mm are also available off-the-shelf. Beside the standardized round hole, we offer a large range of punch styles from stock, even a larger number of styles (more than 1.000) are available on request.


 Ticket punch and pattern notch plier – Availability

Our ticket punches are available in 6 different variations, pattern notched pliers in 3 different models. The main difference is the length and – more important – the throat depth. Please visit our detailed product information to find the plier which meets your requirements best!

You will find detailed information about the following hole punches:
In contrast to our ticket punch, pattern notcher pliers have no throat depth. The mark is punched at the very edge of the ticket. These pliers are most suitable for cancelling vouchers, which have an imprint at the edge. In addition, pattern notch pliers are the only manual pliers suitablef for plastic cards, credit cards etc.


Ticket punch plier – available patterns

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Ticket punch and pattern notch plier – Applications

Our pliers are used in the industry, trade and commerce, especially for the following applications
  • Validation of tickets
  • Cancelling of vouchers and discount cards
  • Cancelling of badges, certification badges (fire extinguisher, goods vehicle test certificate or vehicle inspection stickers)
  • Validation of vignettes and road tax disc
  • Punching of identity cards for eyelets
  • Validation of laminated cards
  • Validation of cheque cards (only pattern noched pliers)
  • And many more


The following materials can be punched with our hole punch pliers
  • Paper, identity cards, documents
  • Cardboard and carton
  • Laminate foils, laminated paper
  • Textiles
  • With restrictions: Plastics (depending on the thickness)



Ticket punch and pattern notch plier – Advantages

Our ticket punches meet highest quality requirements.
  • Nickle-plated finish
  • Clear cutting hardened steel die made with extreme accuracy
  • Easy action spring
  • Iron casting
  • Hard steel pivot pin

Other advantages are:

  • off-the-shelf supply
  • numerous punch styles
  • various throat depths (15 – 75 mm)
  • excellent cut quality
  • high durability


Catalog – Ticket punch


Price: For prices to our ticket punch pliers please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.


Ticket-punch - Hole-punch plier Ticket-punch - Hole-punch plier Ticket-punch - Hole-punch plier Ticket-punch - Hole-punch plier
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