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Ticket punch - Hole punch plier 10/115

Hole punch plier 10/115 - Ticket punch

Ticket punch – Hole punch plier 10/115

Ticket punch plier – Hole punch plier 10/115 “Made in Germany” quality with 35 mm throat depth


The Ticket-punch – Hole punch plier 10/115 is the smallest high-quality hole punch in our range. This punch plier is most suitable for the validation of badges (fire extinguisher, vehicle inspection stickers), tickets, identity cards, vignettes and similar articles. A throat depth of 35 mm is sufficient for most applications.


Our ticket punch 10/115 is available off-the-shelf with 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm diameter as well as with various punch styles. Please find all available punch styles below.


Product details:

Hole punch plier 10/115 - Ticket punch
  • Length over all: 115 mm
  • Throat depth: 35 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Punch style: 2, 3, 4, 5 mm diameter, various punch styles


Order Hole Punch Plier – Ticket punch online

Order Hole Punch Plier 10/115 online


Ticket punch plier – available patterns and designs

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Ticket punch and pattern notch plier – Applications

Our pliers are used in the industry, trade and commerce, especially for the following applications

  • Validation of tickets
  • Cancelling of vouchers and discount cards
  • Cancelling of badges, certification badges (fire extinguisher, goods vehicle test certificate or vehicle inspection stickers)
  • Validation of vignettes and road tax disc
  • Punching of identity cards for eyelets
  • Validation of laminated cards
  • Validation of cheque cards (only pattern noched pliers)
  • And many more


The following materials can be punched with our hole punch pliers

  • Paper, identity cards, documents
  • Cardboard and carton
  • Laminate foils, laminated paper
  • Textiles
  • With restrictions: Plastics (depending on the thickness)


Ticket punch and pattern notch plier – Advantages

Our ticket punches meet highest quality requirements.
  • Nickle-plated finish
  • Clear cutting hardened steel die made with extreme accuracy
  • Easy action spring
  • Iron casting
  • Hard steel pivot pin

Additional advantages are:

  • off-the-shelf supply
  • numerous punch styles
  • various throat depths (15 – 75 mm)
  • excellent cut quality
  • high durability


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Price: For prices to our ticket punch pliers please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.



Hole punch plier 10/115 - Ticket punch Hole punch plier 10/115 - Ticket punch Hole punch plier - Ticket punch plier
Punch styles - Table 1 Punch styles - Table 2


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