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Ticket punch - Hole punch plier 10/175

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Ticket punch plier – Hole punch plier 10/175

Our ticket punch 10/175 is the largest hole punch plier in our range with a maximum throat depth of 75 mm. This plier can validate and cancel almost any material from paper, carton, cardboard, laminated paper, textiles and with restriction plastics.
Product details:
Length over all: 175 mm
Throat depth: 75 mm
Weight: 260 g
Punch style: 2, 3, 4, 5 mm diameter, various punch styles
         Nickle-plated finish
         Clear cutting hardened steel die made with extreme accuracy
         Easy action spring
         Iron casting
         Hard steel pivot pin
         Validation of tickets
         Cancelling of vouchers and discount cards
         Cancelling of badges, certification badges (fire extinguisher, goods vehicle test certificate or vehicle inspection stickers)
         Validation of vignettes and road tax disc
         Punching of identity cards for eyelets
         Validation of laminated cards
         Validation of cheque cards (with restriction)
         And many more
Punch styles – Patterns:
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Lochzange-06 Lochzange-07 Ticket-punch - Hole punch plier 10/175 Ticket-punch - Hole punch plier 10/175 Punch styles - Table1 Punch styles - Table 2

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