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Industrial marking - stamping types and stamping ink

Industrial stamping and stencil solutions

Industrial stamping system – stencil sets – IPPC stencils – stencil cutting machine – stamping inks – marking sprays

Marking of products, boxes and shipments are one of the key elements in trading and shipment. So different the needs are, so manifold are the methods to mark the products. The right choice depends on various aspects like material, kind of marking, number of markings, etc.

In our product line you will find a comprehensive range of different products for various applications. TELOS rubber types are interchangeable marking stamps with a special locking mechanism on the back of the type. They fit perfectly in a base plate with the same locking mechanism. This marking system is used especially for food marking but also for other marking applications where high quality marks are required on the product and for small character sizes.

Stencils are a cost-efficient method to mark especially export boxes, wooden boxes, crates and similar articles. The stencils are used in combination with marking sprays or marking rollers. You will also find almost any accessories for your marking applications like fountain roller, special marking inks for different purposes, marking sprays etc.


Marking products – our product range

Industrial stamping system

  • TELOS stamping system
  • interchangeable rubber stamps
  • RIBtype stamps
Meat inspection stamps

  • Brass stamps for meat inspection
  • Number stamps for animal bodies
Stencil sets

  • Metal (Aluminium) stencil sets
  • Plastic stencil sets
  • Interlocking stencil sets
Stencil marking accessories – Fount roller / Fount brush

  • Fount roller
  • Fount brush
  • Marking spray
Stencil cutting machine MARSH Stencil cutting machines

  • MARSH stencil cutting machine
Contact coding units

  • Contact coding units for production lines
Stamping ink for almost any material

  • Coloris stamping ink for metal, metal foils
  • Plastic, plastic foils
  • Wood, concrete
  • Food packaging
Ink pads

  • Stamp ink pads in XXL sizes
  • up to 30×20 cm

Marking products – applications

Marking is required in any sector of the industry, trade and craft. You can use our products to mark shipment information, expiry dates, content of a shipment, article descriptions, warning notices and many more.
Our products are used in the following areas of the industry:
  • Food industry
  • Sole traders
  • Metal processing industry, steel industry
  • Plant construction
  • Forwarding agencies
  • Exporting companies of any kind
  • Wholesalers
  • Lumber industry, woodworking industry, furniture industry
  • and many more



Catalog marking stamp and stencils


Price: For prices to our marking stamps please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.


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