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Stamping system TELOS - hand roller stamps

Hand roller stamp – Industrial stamping system TELOS – Rubber stamps with profile – Interchangeable rubber stamp set

Hand roller stamps are manual printing rollers and are simple to use for printing cartons and other porous surfaces. In combination with TELOS baselock types, these hand rollers allow versatile prints which can be set and changed quickly. The corresponding plastic ink rollers are available un-inked or pre-iked in many colours. Hand roll stamps are available for continuous rotation or as standard hand rollers with spring return.
Various sizes are available for your choice and requirements.
Print length
Print width
Hand roller Nr. 1-09
260 mm
12.5 mm
Hand roller Nr. 2-09
260 mm
25 mm
Hand roller Nr. 3-09
260 mm
50 mm
Hand roller Nr. 4-09
260 mm
65 mm
Hand roller Nr. 5-09
260 mm
84 mm
Hand roller Nr. 6-09
260 mm
100 mm
Hand roller Nr. 7-09
260 mm
115 mm
Hand roller stamp – Applications
         Cardboard boxes
         Wooden boxes
         Jute bags
         Paper bags
         Plastic foil, PVC
         Metal foils
         packaging industry
         food and food packaging industry
         wooden industry
         freight and cargo industry
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TELOS Hand roller stamp with uninked inkroll TELOS Hand roller stamp with uninked inkroll TELOS rubber stamps for hand roller stamp

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