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Interchangeable rib type date stamp for food packaging

Food packaging stamp

Interchangeable rib type date stamp for food packaging

Stempelfarbe-8100 How to print expiration dates on food packaging, plastic or metal foil? We have the answer for most food packaging and marking applications. Our industrial stamping system TELOS is a stamping solutions with interchangeable letters, numbers and logos. Interchangeable rubber stamps offer a wide range of advantages.


TELOS interchangeable rubber stamp set

Our interchangeable rubber stamp system TELOS is an industrial stamping solution for many industries, including of cause the food and food packaging industry. Our TELOS staming system is most flexible and very suitable to stamp on plastic foil, metal foil, cardboard, boxes and many other materials.
Our TELOS stamps are available as single stamps as well as in value packs (3 value packs available). We can supply our interchangeable rubber stamps in various sizes and fonts from 1.5 mm to 144. Standard sizes for food packaging is 3.0 to 5.0 mm for expiry dates and about 10-15 mm for outer package, covering boxes and secondary packaging.
The handling of our interchangeable stamps is most easy. You can mount a baselock plate on various holders like manual holders, contact coders, hand roller stamp (hand printer) or other packaging solutions. Our interlocking rubber type provides ultimate in printing flexibility.
With this stamping system you can easily create your own stamp and change it as needed. You can simply change for example the expiry date, lot numbers, messages on corrugated boxes and so on. You can also combine different character sizes or font styles in one layout. In addition, you can simply add your company logo with a customized cliché.


Interchangeable stamps for food packaging – Advantages

  • Cheap marking method
  • Interchangeable stamps in various sizes
  • Letters, numbers or logos in any size
  • Many automation solutions available out of the box
  • Stampink ink available for different materials



Food stamping ink

For safety reasons, food packaging requires special stamping inks. These stamping inks meet with its special properties all regulations regarding harmful or hazardous substances and migration of these substances. Our most interesting stamping inks for food packaging are:


How to stamp food packaging

There are various methods to stamp expiry date, lot numbers or any additional information on food packaging

  • Manual stamp
  • Hand roller stamp – hand printer
  • Contact coder for conveyor belts (packaging)
  • Automated coding machines for coding or verification


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