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Contact coder - In-line coder

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Contact coder – In-line coder

Contact coding is the traditional low cost marking and is still widely used around the world as very cost effective solution. Contact coders are ideal where a product requires infrequent message changing or the environmental requires a non-electronic solution with zero maintenance.
Our contact coders use interchangeable TELOS rubber types together with either pre-impregnated plastic ink rollers. With our coding devices, you can easily print your company name, logo, article number, quantity, trade marks and other information on carton, corrugated boxes, jute bags, wooden crates and other porous and non-porous materials.
Contact coding – How to use
Our contact coding devices are simple and efficient marking machines. Our printers are manufactured from robust aluminium castings and roller bearings giving long trouble free life. The coders are mounted to a conveyor with a simple mounting bracket. The boxes to mark are led to the marking unit, the printing pressure can be adjusted to suit the strength of the carton and to obtain a perfect print.
The print can be made on almost any position of the carton, on top, on the left or on the right side. The type drum rotation is controlled to give an identical print position on each carton. Also available for endless printing.
Each contact coding unit uses baselock rubber types TELOS giving perfect printing day after day without the need for any maintenance. Many standard font styles are available in baselock range, customized print styles, logos and graphics are produced exactly to your requirements
Contact coding – Available devices
Contact coders can be supplied in various sizes. The printings can reach to a maximum of 430 x 100 or 380 x 130 mm.
The type drum rotation can be controlled to give an identical print position on each carton. Alternatively, the type drum can be supplied for continuous rotation.
Contact coding – Applications
Our contact coders are used in many areas of the industry, especially in the packaging departments. Almost any material, porous or non-porous can be marked with our contact coders. The most important applications are:
         Marking of cardboard boxes, carton or corrugated boxes
         Marking of food packaging
         Export marking of boxes, crates and carton
         And similar applications
Contact coding – Advantages
Though contact coding has the reputation to be out of time, our contact coders and marking printers are still widely used around the world. For many reasons. The main advantages are:
         Very cost effective solution
         Easy to install and handle
         Almost no maintenance necessary
         Imprint can be changed quickly due to the baselock rubber types TELOS
         Suitable for porous and non-porous materials
         Various special stamping inks available
For further reading, please click the single contact coding devices on top of our page.
Should you have any questions about our contact coders, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will gladly advise you!

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